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Strange Mutations 7" set Vol. 1 Eat Skull, Beaters, Far Corners, Audacity/Big Eyes, Stalins of Sound

$15.00 - On Sale

Volar Records' first proper singles series, Strange Mutations, collected here in its first volume. Set comes specially packaged. Set of five 7"s includes:

Beaters--"Jester" b/w "911=11"
Eat Skull--"Where'd You Go" + "Medication Time" b/w "Jefferson Angel"
Stalins of Sound--"Pool of Piranha" + "Panik" b/w "Rapture in Blood
Far Corners--"Sanity Suck" + "Not So Hot Right Now" b/w "Asleep Since the 70s"
Audacity/Big Eyes split 7"--"Bottle It Up" b/w "Half the Time"